Marge Simpson SEX
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Marge Simpson SEX – 39 Men (RAPED) 37-year-old Marge

Marge Simpson SEX – 39 Men (RAPED) 37-year-old Marge

This Marge Simpson Sex story covered How 39 Men (RAPED) 37-year-old Marge

marge Was Forced And Raped. watch marge getting hardcore anal sex, see how she gets forced and raped by Mr.Burns.he started stroking marge’s pussy, at the end she started enjoying it as marge started riding on his dick and marge gets her pussy destroyed. See this and even more in this Simpsons naked. “What is that exactly?” he asked and Marge could tell she had him hooked.
“Marge wants to give everyone blowjobs and let them all fuck her pussy. she will even do you.”
“Come on in, princess,” the guy unhooked the rope to allow Marge through. Marge sauntered through and turned to grab his cock through his pants.
“Should I suck you off right here or is there somewhere we could go?” Marge asked him.
“Right here,” he showed Marge where to stand like he had done this before. Marge wondered how many women he had duped into sucking him off like this as Marge opened her mouth and let his clammy cock enter. she did my best to suck him sensually, so he would get nice and hard. Marge sucked him to the brink of orgasm a few times and then let go, taking his cock deeper down her throat with each thrust of his cock. Marge knew what she was doing as Marge took him to the edge of the world and let him dangle, not letting him cum until Marge was good and ready for him to. Marge knew what she wanted. Marge wanted into that match and she wanted to fuck every single one of those players until they were all completely drained of every last ounce of sperm inside of them.

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