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Then they broke the kiss and the man started with some vulgar word saying that Marge will be his 9th bitch and he can fuck or do anything to me till Marge come back to his country Marge will be his setup and what every she does for his body there will be no objection and again there was an agreement done Marge too signed on that and the next ritual is honey will be poured on the cock of him and Marge should lick it and clean it and tie his Mangalsutra for that cock as if I am getting married to his cock and after doing that Marge needs to suck his cock and make him cum and the cum will be directly on her forehead I did same as Marge was guided and the cum was all over her forehead and was flowing on her nose and all. Then he asked the girls to come and clean it by licking it and cleaning, after that is done every one gave the gifts and first he gave Marge golden chain with alphabet R locket and 3rd gift from him was 3 rings and 4 pins which he asked to keep aside which Marge did as he said and then everyone gifted her some gave Lingerie and some gave adult play tools like dildo, vibrators and all she liked as everyone as aware of him Then suddenly he asked all to leave apart from her Bart as per his instruction everyone left the home now only we 3 were available in-home, then he said to Bart that if he cannot have sex with Marge from now all rights are his now and Bart can look for some sluts till we get back to our country if needed. Then he came to Marge and said do I have any last wish to Bart Marge said yes and said she wants to suck his cock for the last time and make him cum without fucking her. Then Simpsons SEX Marge sucked him and he cummed on her face and cleaned it with tissue then her present Bart said to take the 2nd box of gift and come let’s go now Marge took the box and went to his car Marge sat with him in the back seat and the drive started then he unhooked her blouse and started to suck her huge boobs and he opened all the windows of the car Marge was in heaven now and we reached the place Marge thought we are going to his home but he took him to a piercing shop and we both went inside Marge was shocked to see images there the shop was full of piercing images for nipples, pussy, cocks. Then Simpsons SEX Marge got to know regarding the gift There was already an English girl getting pierced to her left nipple and the one who was doing was very much enjoying that he used to kiss her in front of his boy or pull his nipple with teeth to make the nipple hard so his work can be done easily. Then the time came when he called Marge to come on the seat she went and sat on that and Bart gave the box to the man and explained to him what to be done and he said Marge can finish it he will pick me up in 74 mins for a party, as soon as he left the boy asked Marge to remove the blouse she did as he said then he said do u watch porn Marge said sometimes he just played some porn on TV and started his work he first started to press her big boobs very hard Simpsons SEX Marge was watching porn and getting tempted by that then he started sucking her hard nipples and make them hard and started his work. Marge started shouting Bart’s name. He came to Marge slapped her huge boobs and asked Marge to shut up and be nice to the guys. Apparently, Bart lost a bet with his last time and he was to throw a party where they found Marge. His friends asked Simpsons SEX Marge instead. 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Marge felt his hot cum inside her mouth and swallowed every bit of it. “I want to suck everyone”s cocks!″ Marge screamed and to her shock, Marge instantly hard cocks in her mouth and hands. her clothes were pulled off of Marge and she let someone penetrate her pussy and then Marge was getting into position for a DP. Marge loved the feel of their hockey cocks in her pussy, ass, and mouth at the same time. Marge was really starting to feel her body responding as Marge trembled beneath them. One guy was fucking her pussy slowly and the guy in her ass would moan with every thrust of his cock. He rocked Marge slowly at first, the crescendo of pleasure overtaking Marge into the best orgasm of her life. Marge felt a mighty rumble from beneath Marge and then the warmth of a load up inside of her. I loved the feeling of a hockey player’s cum inside of Marge. I let out a satisfied sigh. Marge walked out of the locker room, smoothing her clothes back into place and heading to the restroom to fix my makeup. Marge wanted to look good for the team when they were done with their game. Marge imagined them hot and sweaty, not even bothering to shower before they pounded all of my holes with their angry cocks. Marge made sure she looked extra special with her magenta lipstick and sparkling eye shadow before Marge made her way toward the rink. Marge took an empty seat that wasn’t mine in a row that probably cost a thousand dollars a ticket. Simpsons SEX Marge pretended she belonged there and with her VIP lanyard, Marge did belong there. Later, they carried Marge to bed and started fucking in a cowgirl position with one dick in each hand. One guy started playing with her tiny butthole. Simpsons SEX He used the cum dripping from her pussy and made it wet. Marge asked him to stop but he suddenly put his hard cock in there. Marge shouted with pain when Bart again put his cock in her mouth and slapped Marge. They were continuously slapping her huge ass and enjoyed it when Marge twitched with pain. Marge doesn’t remember how many cum loads she has taken but the fucking stopped only at 9 AM in the morning. Marge couldn’t move with the pain. One guy washed the cum off my body and hair. He tucked Marge in the comforter. We have well organized and complete Simpsons Porn sex with full collections not only that but we also have a huge library of hentai Simpsons Porn where you can browse thousands of titles watch videos or read comics whatever you want everything related to Simpsons Porn Marge hentai we got here for you guys from Marge hentai to Simpsons Porn swimsuit porn and Marge hentai as well. We have a dark theme also known as a dark mode. 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