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marge simpson porn
Marge Simpson Porn – 9 Monsters (RAPED) 37-year-old Marge

Marge Simpson Porn – 9 Monsters (RAPED) 37-year-old Marge

This Marge Simpson Porn story covered How to See how 9 Monsters (RAPED) 37-year-old Marge.


Black gangsters forced and raped Marge in front of Homer, Black gangsters started stroking Marge’s pussy at end she started enjoying it as Marge started riding on Bart’s dick and gets pussy destroyed. As Homer woke, Marge started riding on Homer’s dick, See Marge fucking Homer, how Homer fucking Marge, Homer started stroking Marge’s pussy. See this and even more in this marge simpson hentai. This story covered How Marge was kidnapped by Bart, he tied her in ropes and put his huge dick on her mouth, as Marge sucking his dick he lifts her and started fucking Marge pussy, stroking her pussy he gives no room for breathing, he keeps fucking her and keep coming on Marge’s sloppy pussy again and again.  When Marge came back to her room and put on her new dress, she realized that the skirt was too short that even if she been slightly going to show off her thongs. But, Marge was in no mood for shopping. Marge went to the nearest pub and Marge could already see men gazing at Marge on her way there. show straight-up hit the bar for tequila when Bart, the guy Marge had a meeting earlier that afternoon came from behind and offered to buy me a drink. After Marge had two shots, she realized that there were around 8 guys that surrounded her, Bart told they were his friends from basketball and introduced me to them. Marge thought Bart was hot but his friends were hotter.

simpsons hentai
Simpsons Hentai – 9 Monsters (RAPED) 37-year-old Marge

Simpsons Hentai – 9 Monsters (RAPED) 37-year-old Marge

This simpsons hentai story covered How 9 Monsters (RAPED) 37-year-old Marge.

gangsters rape Marge. On that day, gangsters fucking Marge, as seen hot Marge, they couldn’t control they started to fucking her pussy, gangsters performing anal sex to Marge, she started riding on their dicks, they started stroking her pussy as Marge moaned as they loaded cum into her pussy. See this and even more in this simpsons porn. he team captain called everyone’s attention and began making a speech but he stopped when he looked up and saw me take her place against the wall of the locker room. He gave me a nasty smile that Marge instantly knew meant that he wanted to fuck her. He was sexy and Marge wanted to be his sex toy. she knew that her destiny was to be a slave for his cock. Marge would have done anything to make him happy. she wanted to get his dick off and Marge knew that he could feel my hunger and her need. Marge knew that she needed to give him what he needed. Marge needed to open up her legs and give over to the force within him to conquer her sweet pussy. Marge made a big production of sucking his cock and she could feel the other players watching. her eyes were closed as Marge took his cock deeper down her throat, relaxing it to accommodate him completely.

the simpsons xxx
The Simpsons XXX – Bart’s 9 Friend (RAPED) His 37-year-old MOM

The Simpsons XXX – Bart’s 9 Friend (RAPED) His 37-year-old MOM

This the simpsons xxx story covered How Bart’s 9 Friend (RAPED) His 37-year-old MOM.

Innocent Sexy Marge Being Hardcore Raped. On that night, Homer and Marge taking shower together, Marge getting horny seen Homer’s dick Marge started to give him a blowjob , as Marge started to ride his dick, watch Marge having hardcore rough sex multiple times in the single night. See this in the simpsons hentai. Marge sucked the security guard until she knew that he was so close to cumming that all Marge had to do was one nasty thing that would set him over the edge. she chose that moment to look up at him, her pussy wet and horny, but not for him. Marge was doing this for all of the hockey players that she was going to get if he let me inside. Marge tasted the sweet victory in his cum as it spewed into her mouth. He let out a moan that would have betrayed him if anyone had been watching. Marge felt used as she got up from her crouched position in front of his dick and begged him with her eyes to let Marge in. she needed this. Marge needed to get her hockey guys inside of her. Marge willed it to be so and sure enough, the security guard sent her through, giving Marge a VIP lanyard that made Marge look legitimate. she wasn’t sure if I was in the right locker room, but Marge was prepared to fuck the entire team, no matter which side Marge was on.

the simpsons hentai
The Simpsons Hentai – Bart (RAPED) His 43-year-old MOM Marge

The Simpsons Hentai – Bart (RAPED) His 43-year-old MOM Marge

This the simpsons hentai story covered How Bart (RAPED) His 43-year-old MOM Marge.

Marge Gang-Raped in Public. On that day, some bad guys attacked Marge, they stripped her clothes, watch Marge getting hardcore anal sex, see how she gets forced and raped by many men. See this in the simpsons porn. “Damn, she’s got his dick down her throat!”Marge could hear the guys cheering for her as her throat got fucked harder and faster until Marge was taking the kind of brutal poundings you only see in porn where the women are getting paid handsomely. Marge wasn’t getting paid. he had only said that to get in the door. Marge was addicted to player cocks and Marge just knew how to get them. she has been at this for almost a decade and no matter how many hockey teams she fucked, it was never enough dick. Marge could taste the player’s cum and Marge kept her mouth open as he pulled out of her mouth so Marge could show him that she was the kind of slut who gargled with his cum. Marge gargled it loudly and swished it around in her mouth, stopping to pull a bit out and string it up in front of Marge like she knew magic. The team was smiling at Marge as she looked up Marge was shocked to see that they all had their cocks out and they were all ready to have their turn with Marge.

Simpson Hentai
Simpson Hentai – 37 Monsters (RAPED) 13-year-old Lisa

Simpson Hentai – 37 Monsters (RAPED) 13-year-old Lisa

This simpson hentai story covered how 37 Monsters (RAPED) 13-year-old Lisa.

On that day, see Mr.Burns fucking Lisa later other guys also jointed them more and more people started fucking Lisa they destroyed her pussy, at the end she gets pregnant. See this simpson porn. They were fighting for Marge, fighting over who got to use her holes first. Marge let them work it out, getting onto his hands and knees on the floor so they could choose a hole to stick their cocks into. her mouth was filled with dick and her pussy was filled as well. her asshole was aching for another cock but Marge had rules that Marge followed with teams when she was lucky enough to find one that wanted to fuck. Marge felt a finger find her asshole and Marge began to cum, knowing that she was special.ritual is honey will be poured on the cock of him and Marge should lick it and clean it and tie his Mangalsutra for that cock as if I am getting married to his cock and after doing that Marge needs to suck his cock and make him cum and the cum will be directly on her forehead I did same as Marge was guided and the cum was all over her forehead and was flowing on her nose and all.

simpsons cartoon porn
Simpsons Cartoon Porn – 9 Men (RAPED) 37-year-old Marge

Simpsons Cartoon Porn – 9 Men (RAPED) 37-year-old Marge

This simpsons cartoon porn story covered How 9 Men (RAPED) 37-year-old Marge.

Horny Homer Breaks Innocent Marge’s Petite Pussy.Marge and Homer working late night, as Marge has to ride his dick whole night, watch Marge having hardcore sex with Homer. See this in this Simpsons Cartoon Hentai. Then he asked the girls to come and clean it by licking it and cleaning, after that is done every one gave the gifts and first he gave Marge golden chain with alphabet R locket and 3rd gift from him was 3 rings and 4 pins which he asked to keep aside which Marge did as he said and then everyone gifted her some gave Lingerie and some gave adult play tools like dildo, vibrators and all she liked as everyone as aware of him Then suddenly he asked all to leave apart from her Bart as per his instruction everyone left the home now only we 3 were available in-home, then he said to Bart that if he cannot have sex with Marge from now all rights are his now and Bart can look for some sluts till we get back to our country if needed. Then he came to Marge and said do I have any last wish to Bart Marge said yes and said she wants to suck his cock for last time and make him cum without fucking to her.

marge simpson xxx
Marge Simpson XXX – MOM Marge (RAPED) By Bart’s 37 Friends

Marge Simpson XXX – MOM Marge (RAPED) By Bart’s 37 Friends

This marge simpson xxx story covered How MOM Marge (RAPED) By Bart’s 37 Friends.

Mr.Burns fucking busty Marge, how Mr.Burns fucking Marge in the bedroom, he started performing anal sex to Marge, she started riding on Mr.Burns’s dick, Mr.Burns started stroking Marge’s pussy and sucking her breasts. See this and even more in this marge simpson hentai. Then Marge sucked him and he cummed on her face and cleaned it with tissue then her present Bart said to take the 2nd box of gift and come let’s go now Marge took the box and went to his car Marge sat with him in the back seat and the drive started then he unhooked her blouse and started to suck her huge boobs and he opened all the windows of the car Marge was in heaven now and we reached the place Marge thought we are going to his home but he took him to a piercing shop and we both went inside Marge was shocked to see images there the shop was full of piercing images for nipples, pussy, cocks. Then Marge got to know regarding the gift. There was already an English girl getting pierced to her left nipple and the one who was doing was very much enjoying that he used to kiss her in front of his boy or pull his nipple with teeth to make the nipple hard so his work can be done easily

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