The Simpsons Hentai Comics
The Simpsons Hentai Comics – Bart (RAPED) His 37-year-old Marge

The Simpsons Hentai Comics – Bart (RAPED) His 37-year-old Marge

This The Simpsons Sex Comics story covered how Bart (RAPED) His 37-year-old Marge.

Horny Bart Raped. In this Marge’s getting fucked by Bart.he grabbed her boobs and started to squeeze her boobs really hard then ripping Marge’s Clothes apart and turn her naked then he stroking her and sucking her breasts fucking her really hard. Later, they carried Marge to bed and started fucking in cowgirl position with one dick in each hand. One guy started playing with her tiny butthole. He used the cum dripping from her pussy and made it wet. Marge asked him to stop but he suddenly put his hard cock in there. Marge shouted with pain when Bart again put his cock in her mouth and slapped Marge. They were continuously slapping her huge ass and enjoyed it when Marge twitched with pain. Marge doesn’t Margeember how many cum loads she has taken but the fucking stopped only at 9 AM in the morning. Marge couldn’t move with the pain. One guy washed the cum off my body and hair. He tucked Marge in the comforter.
“I’m here to let you pound my holes until you feel better,” Marge answered flippantly. The player smiled.
“If Marge gets his dick out will you suck it?”
“Yeah, if that’s what you want!” Marge said with excitement. she loved the thought of having a hockey player’s cock down her throat. Marge knew that these guys were probably extMargeely famous in America, but she didn’t know any of them. They were all strangers to me and the only thing that Marge knew she liked about them was that they played hockey.

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