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This The Simpsons SEX covered How Bart (RAPED) His 37-year-old MOM Marge

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This story covered How Marge was kidnapped by a mysterious man, he tied her in ropes and put his huge dick on her mouth, as she sucking his dick he lift her and started fucking her pussy, stroking her pussy he gives no room for breathing, he keeps fucking her and keep coming on her sloppy pussy again and again.  so as Marge’s tongue is in her mouth, she put her hand on his waist and pulled down his undies, so Marge holds a cock and starts jerking it fast. Homer and Bart were fucking her like a real slut both of them were synchronization while Bart sucked her nipples. She started riding them both and was moaning loudly and asked not to stop both of them. later on, I left his tongue as her legs are Homer is licking her dry cunt as Bart is kissing her sexy ass and Marge is standing in front of her, as he holds her left breast and swallows it in his mouth, now feeling too horny as three guys are loving her hot body and her sexy voice “uh oh it’s fine, suck hard her boobs Marge, oh you dog lick fast her vagina” and Homer is rolling his long tongue in her vagina as Bart starts putting his tongue in her anus hole and now Marge a slut gal with her classmates as they are making her body hot, so Homer took out his tongue as he stands in front of Marge and now he is kissing her face as his hand is squeezing her breast hard, feeling like a shameless, Marge hold his waist and pulled his undies and so his long thick cock is in her hand.Marge left her breast as he walked away and Homer is kissing her lips and then he took her tongue in his mouth to suck as Marge masturbating his cock fast, now Bart licked her ass hole as he is eyeing her sucked boobs and as he holds her one breast to swallow, Marge pulled down his briefs and while getting her tongue sucked with Homer, Marge jerking two cocks as The Simpsons SEX Bart is sucking her breast hard and as her vagina is too hot, it starts cumming and so Marge pushed Homer’s face back as he walked to the washroom.Bart is sucking her breast as his penis is semi erected in her hand, so jerking it fast Marge too horny, so Bart knelt down as he stretched her legs wide and opened the hole, while his tongue is licking her wet cunt as he is tasting the cum. In some time Homer switched places and Homer slept on the bed and put his cock in her vagina and Bart put hai cock in her ass while Bart was fondling her breasts And as he is fucking hard, her cunt become dry as after 35 minutes only, he screamed “uhh ah have her cum you bitch” and his cum made her vagina wet as we both walked to the washroom, so Marge urinated there as she washed her well back in the dining room as Bart walked to a bedroom for rest. He was cumming quite heavily and Marge could feel the ooze leaking out from behind her as his cock slowly slipped out of Marge, trickling cum down over her arse cheeks and onto Ian below Marge, then she began to thrust heavily at Marge from underneath as well. Homer pushed his cock in her mouth. Bart and Homer were fucking her simultaneously and Homer started fucking her mouth she was gaging and moaning and was completely responding to them all. Bart and Homer started ducking her fast and Homer fucking her mouth. In no time Homer cum in her vagina and Bart in her Marge stretched her legs and hold Homer’s penis, now Marge starts rubbing its glans on her lips but swallows it to suck and while spinning her head, Marge was enjoying his cock in her mouth and Marge can feel Marge’s tongue licking her glory hole, so getting her body aroused soon will be easy as Marge want to feel the pleasure of three cocks in her mouth or in her Homer’s cock is growing harder in her mouth and Marge have different ideas as he pushed his long finger in my cunt to finger it, nowadays Marge cum late as it’s true that sexual maturity gives your cunt more time to get cums and so Homer hold her hairs as he starts fucking her mouth with his long thick cock and feeling like a slut with them, her cunt is now bit itchy and Marge was happy to think that two cocks will fuck her later on, Marge took out Homer’s cock and licked it for a while but Marge is fingering her cunt fast and than Homer sits on her legs as he starts kissing her vagina. He spunked and spurted off, splattering Marge with a good five or six jets before he finished. They all collapsed in a heap on the bed and lay and kissed and chatted for a few minutes afterward. As Marge too hot lying on Bart’s body and Bart took out his penis as he came to her front and pushed his long cock in her mouth and ejaculated sperms in her mouth as Marge tastes it’s Bart is fucking Marge fastly as Homer came to her back and then slowly pushed his soft glans in her ass hole and then fucked hard as Marge shouted And now Marge can see Homer winning the toss as he has chosen her vagina and then he slept on the bed with his legs straight as Marge can see his long penis erected. now The Simpsons SEX Marge sits on his penis as he holds her waist and Marge took his penis as Marge pushed it in her cunt slowly but then started pressing her heavy ass on Homer’s penis. 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Bart started to squeezing Lisa’s nipples, rubbing her pussy then she also started to give him a blowjob then he started ripping Lisa’s Clothes apart and stroking her and sucking her breasts and performing anal sex on Lisa, As she keeps getting fucked again and again The Simpsons SEX Lisa started enjoying it. Bart pumped her like there was no tomorrow. See this and much more into this The Simpsons SEX comic. Homer and Marge were in a romantic mood as they kissing each other, that time Bart and Homer appeared from nowhere. They both beaten Homer. Bart started to fingering Marge, as Homer lifted Marge and started squeezed her boobs making her moan louder, he rammed into her dripping pussy. Homer could see Homer and Bart harden again as the Homer with the big dick came in Marge’s dripping pussy. They both took turns fucking robin ten more times that day. They pumped robin like there was no tomorrow. 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Marge went up to her room and tried to study so she wouldn’t think about what a pervert Bart was being. On the 4th day, Marge came out of the shower and Bart was just standing there outside the door. He said he needed to use the restroom but when Marge looked at where his hand was it was on the outside of his pants next to his Huge Dick It looked like he had a hard-on! Marge was so scared she ran to her room and slammed the door. Bart looked a bit uncomfortable. Then he said, “I’ve always thought she was sexy.” Bart never said Marge was sexy, or hot. He was more of a love type. He adored her, and let Marge know it, but he was not really comfortable with blatant sexuality. Don’t get Marge wrong, we had lots of sex, but it was mostly about love, not fucking. They got ready for dinner. Marge pulled on some jeans, a nice top, and heels. Marge touched up her makeup. Bart got dressed and they left the room to meet Lisa and Homer. 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